In order to carry out all the projects that our club is involved with throughout the year, each member is asked to join one or more committees. 

Some of the committes of Lynnwood Kiwanis are:

Communications, (evites, e mail blasts etc.), Billie Swengel

Membership, Larry Merwin and all members

Kiwanis Children's Cancer Program, Billie Swengel and Meg Ortiz

Interclubs, David Little

Publicity,  Laurel Eddy 

Casino Road Ministry, Billie Swengel

Fall Fundraiser Event, Stephen Eddy 

Charity Golf Tournament, Ron Swengel

Relay for Life Pancake Breakfast, Larry Merwin

Save Old Spectacles, Ron Swengel

Flea Market, Billie Swengel

Food Bank/Food Drives, Bill Temple

Key Club Advisors,  Billie Swengel (Lynnwood HS) and Larry Merwin (Mountlake Terrace HS)

Builders Club Advisor, David Little (Alderwood Middle School)

Programs, Stephen Eddy

Newsletter Editor, Sharon Eddy

Web Site Coordinator, Larry Merwin

Sunshine, Ginger, Merwin

Scholarships, Ralph Baggerly