Each Kiwanis club is governed by elected Board of Directors and Officers.

Shown above Back Row: John Baker, Bill Temple, Dave Dubois, David Little, Harvey Smith, Larry Merwin (Installed the board but not currently serving), Ron Swengel Front Row: Billie Swengel, Meg Ortiz, Sharon Eddy  Not Shown: Ralph Baggerly and Robin Olsen-Scribner

                  Officers and Directors of Lynnwood Kiwanis 2017 - 2018

Club President:  Harvey Smith

Vice President:  Meg Ortiz

Secretary:  Billie Swengel

Treasurer:  Sharon Eddy

Immediate Past President:  Ron Swengel

Directors:  Ralph Baggerly, John Baker, Dave Dubois, David Little, Robin Olsen-Scribner, Bill Temple